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Environmental Variables (Internet Toolkit)

LabVIEW 2009 Internet Toolkit Help

Edition Date: June 2009

Part Number: 370014D-01

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When the G Web Server executes a CGI application, it sends information using environmental variables.

Note Note  The Internet Toolkit includes the G Web Server for backward compatibility. National Instruments recommends you use the LabVIEW Web Server to run VIs on the Web.

The Internet Toolkit supports the following environmental variables.

Environmental Variable Name Description
GATEWAY_INTERFACE Version of the interface, currently CGI/1.1.
SERVER_SOFTWARE Name and version of the G Web Server.
SERVER_NAME Name of the computer running the G Web Server.
SERVER_PORT TCP port at which the server listens for requests.
DOCUMENT_ROOT Root directory of the server documents, in UNIX format.
REMOTE_HOST Domain name or IP address of the remote system the client uses to connect.
REMOTE_ADDR IP address of the remote system from which the client connects.
SCRIPT_NAME Virtual path to the CGI application.
REQUEST_METHOD Method by which you invoke the CGI application, either GET or POST.
SERVER_PROTOCOL Protocol over which the client communicates with the server, currently HTTP/1.0.
HTTP_REFERER URL of the document that contains the link to invoke the CGI application.
HTTP_USER_AGENT Browser software that the remote client uses.
HTTP_ACCEPT List of MIME-like types that the browser can read and accept.
QUERY_STRING URL-encoded parameters the server sends to the CGI application.
REMOTE_USER Client username.
REMOTE_IDENT Client user password.


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