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Using the G Web Server (Internet Toolkit)

LabVIEW 2009 Internet Toolkit Help

Edition Date: June 2009

Part Number: 370014D-01

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The G Web Server is an HTTP server you can use to run VIs on the Web without using plug-ins or a run-time engine. You also can run CGI applications and publish HTML and other documents to the Web.

Note Note  The Internet Toolkit includes the G Web Server for backward compatibility. National Instruments recommends you use the LabVIEW Web Server to run VIs on the Web.

You must configure the G Web Server options before you can run the server.

Select Tools»Internet Toolkit»Start G Web Server to open the G Web Server window. The window displays the TCP/IP hostname of the computer you are using, the current date/time, the elapsed time the server has been running, and the number of requests the server has handled.

The default method for viewing the G Web Server window is simple mode. Click the triangle next to the hostname if you want to view the window in detailed mode, which includes information on pending connections, active CGI applications, recent server requests, and server error messages.

Open a Web browser if you want to view online examples of G Web Server features.


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