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The UDP Support Library functions return negative values when they detect errors. The following table lists the error codes, defined constants, and error messages associated with functions in the LabWindows/CVI UDP Support Library.

Use the GetUDPErrorString function to convert the error code, returned in the status parameter of UDP Support Library functions, into meaningful error messages.

Note Note  For UDPRead and UDPWrite, the return value indicates the number of bytes transferred if the functions were successful.

Error codes are defined in the cvi\include\udpsupp.h file.

Value Error Code Error Message
0 kUDP_NoError No error.
-6800 kUDP_InvalidChannel Invalid channel.
-6801 kUDP_InvalidPortNumber Invalid port number.
-6802 kUDP_InvalidAddress Invalid address.
-6803 kUDP_InvalidWriteSize The write size specified exceeds the maximum datagram size on this platform.
-6804 kUDP_InvalidArgument Invalid argument passed.
-6805 kUDP_NullPointer Null pointer passed when a non-null pointer was expected.
-6806 kUDP_InvalidAttribute Invalid attribute.
-6807 kUDP_InvalidAttributeValue Invalid attribute value.
-6808 kUDP_ReadTimeout Timeout expired.
-6809 kUDP_DataLost The received data was too large for the buffer. Some data was lost.
-6810 kUDP_ChannelClosed The channel has been disposed.
-6811 kUDP_PortInUse The port has already been reserved for use on this interface.
-6812 kUDP_GeneralNetworkError A network error occurred.
-6813 kUDP_HostAddressNotFound Host address was not found.
-6814 kUDP_InvalidMulticastAddress Invalid multicast address. Valid multicast addresses range from to
-6815 kUDP_AlreadySubscribedOnInterface This port or another port on the same interface is already subscribed to that multicast group.
-6816 kUDP_AlreadySubscribedToSource The port is already subscribed to that source for the multicast group.
-6817 kUDP_NotSubscribed The port is not subscribed to the multicast group.
-6818 kUDP_NotSubscribedToSource The port is not subscribed to that source for the multicast group.
-6819 kUDP_WinsockUnavailable The Windows Sockets library could not be loaded.
-6820 kUDP_LibraryInitializationFailure Failed to initialize the library.
-6821 kUDP_LibraryShuttingDown Library is shutting down.
-6822 kUDP_UnexpectedWinsockError A Windows Sockets function call returned an unexpected error.
-6823 kUDP_NotSupportedOnPlatform The operation is not supported on this platform.
-6824 kUDP_SystemError General system error.
-6825 kUDP_OutOfMemory Out of memory.
-6826 kUDP_OutOfSystemResources Out of system resources.
-6827 kUDP_InternalError Internal error.
-6828 kUDP_ResourceBusy A resource is busy.


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