Operating Pop-Up Panels

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A pop-up panel is a panel that pops up, accepts user input, and then disappears. Another term for pop-up panel is modal dialog box. You can stack pop-up panels, with each new pop-up panel appearing on top of the previous one. When a pop-up panel is active it appears in the foreground and is the only panel or pop-up the user can operate.

The User Interface Library contains a collection of predefined pop-up panels for common operations, such as prompting the user for input, selecting a file, and graphing numerical data.

Specific function calls invoke each predefined pop-up panel. The function displays its corresponding pop-up panel and waits for the user to select an action. Then the pop-up disappears and control returns to the program.

Note Note  In addition to the following predefined pop-up panels, you can use InstallPopup to change any panel to a pop-up panel.

Operating the Message Pop-Up Panel

The message pop-up panel displays multiline messages. Use the newline character (\n) to start a new line of text.

Operating the Generic Message Pop-Up Panel

The generic message pop-up panel displays a pop-up panel with a message string, a response buffer, and up to three buttons with programmable labels.

Operating the Prompt Pop-Up Panel

The prompt pop-up panel requests input from the user.

Operating the Confirm Pop-Up Panel

The confirm pop-up panel allows the user to confirm an action.

File Select Pop-Up Panel

The file select pop-up panel displays a list of files on disk from which the user can select.

Note Note  The FileSelectPopup function displays a Windows XP style dialog box. The FileSelectPopupEx function displays a Windows Vista and later style dialog box, as shown in the following image.

Graph Pop-Up Panel

You can choose from four different types of graph pop-up panels to display a graph of numerical data: X-graph pop-up, Y-graph pop-up, XY-graph pop-up , and Waveform graph pop-up.


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