Function Tree, ANSI C Library

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Class/Panel Name Function Name
Character Handling <ctype.h>
Character Testing
Alphanumeric Char Test isalnum
Alphabetic Char Test isalpha
Control Char Test iscntrl
Decimal Digit Char Test isdigit
Hex Digit Char Test isxdigit
Lowercase Char Test islower
Uppercase Char Test isupper
Print Char Test (exclude space) isgraph
Print Char Test (include space) isprint
Punctuation Char Test ispunct
White-Space Char Test isspace
Character Case Mapping
Convert to Lowercase tolower
Convert to Uppercase toupper
Date and Time <time.h>
Time Operations
Get Cur Calendar Time time
Get Processor Time Used clock
Compute Time Difference difftime
Time Conversion
Local to Calendar Time mktime
Calendar to Local Time localtime
Calendar to UTC Time gmtime
Time Formatting
Time Struct to String asctime
Calendar Time to String ctime
Format Time String strftime
Localization <locale.h>
Set Current Locale setlocale
Get Current Locale localeconv
Mathematics <math.h>
Trigonometric Functions
Cosine cos
Sine sin
Tangent tan
Arc Cosine acos
Arc Sine asin
Arc Tangent atan
Arc Tangent of 2 Values atan2
Hyperbolic Functions
Hyperbolic Cosine cosh
Hyperbolic Sine sinh
Hyperbolic Tangent tanh
Exp and Log Functions
Exponential exp
Mantissa Extract Exp frexp
Mantissa Combine Exp ldexp
Natural Logarithm log
Base-10 Logarithm log10
Power Functions
Raise to Power pow
Square Root sqrt
Other Math Functions
Absolute Value (double) fabs
Integral Ceiling ceil
Integral Floor floor
Remainder of Double Division fmod
Partition Double Value modf
Nonlocal Jumping <setjmp.h>
Save Current Environment setjmp
Restore Environment longjmp
Signal Handling <signal.h>
Set Signal Handler signal
Raise Signal raise
Input/Output <stdio.h>
Open File fopen
Redirect I/O Stream freopen
Make File Ptr from File Handle fdopen
Close File fclose
Read Data from File fread
Write Data to File fwrite
Flush I/O Buffer fflush
Line Input/Output
Read Line from Standard Input gets
Read Line from Input Stream fgets
Write Line to Standard Output puts
Write Line to Output Stream fputs
Character Input/Output
Read Char from Standard Input getchar
Read Char from Input Stream fgetc
Read Char (Macro) getc
Write Char to Standard Output putchar
Write Char to Output Stream fputc
Write Char (Macro) putc
Push Char Back into Stream ungetc
Formatted Input/Output
Scan from Standard Input scanf
Scan from Input Stream fscanf
Scan from String sscanf
Scan from Standard Input (argument list) vscanf
Scan from Input Stream (argument list) vfscanf
Scan from String (argument list) vsscanf
Write to Standard Output printf
Write to Output Stream fprintf
Write to String sprintf
Bounded Write to String snprintf
Write to StdOut (argument list) vprintf
Write to Stream (argument list) vfprintf
Write to String (argument list) vsprintf
Bounded Write to String (argument list) vsnprintf
Buffer Control
Set Buffering setvbuf
Basic Set Buffering setbuf
File Positioning
Get File Position (return long) ftell
Set File Position (long input) fseek
Get File Position fgetpos
Set File Position fsetpos
Reset File Pointer rewind
File System Operations
Delete File remove
Rename File rename
Create Temporary File tmpfile
Generate File Name tmpnam
Error Handling
Clear Stream Errors clearerr
End-of-File Error Test feof
Error Indicator Test ferror
Print Error Message perror
General Utilities <stdlib.h>
String to Arithmetic Expression
String to Long Int strtol
String to Long Long Int strtoll
String to Int Max strtoimax
String to Unsigned Long Int strtoul
String to Unsigned Long Long Int strtoull
String to Unsigned Int Max strtoumax
String to Double strtod
Basic String to Int atoi
Basic String to Long Int atol
Basic String to Long Long Int atoll
Basic String to Double atof
Random Number Generation
Seed Rand Num Generator srand
Generate Random Number rand
Memory Management
Allocate Initialized Mem calloc
Allocate Uninit Memory malloc
Reallocate Memory realloc
Deallocate Memory free
Allocate Uninit Memory on Stack alloca
Searching and Sorting
Binary Search bsearch
Quicksort qsort
Integer Arithmetic
Absolute Value (int) abs
Absolute Value (long int) labs
Absolute Value (long long int) llabs
Division (int) div
Division (long int) ldiv
Division (long long int) lldiv
Multibyte Character Sets
Get MultibyteChar Len mblen
Multibyte to Wide Char mbtowc
Multibyte to Wide String mbstowcs
Wide to Multibyte Char wctomb
Wide to Multibyte String wcstombs
Get Wide Char String Length wcslen
Program Termination
Abnormal Termination abort
Normal Termination exit
Register Exit Function atexit
Get Environment getenv
Put Environment _putenv
Execute System Command system
String Handling <string.h>
Byte Operations
Copy Bytes (no overlap) memcpy
Copy Bytes (overlap) memmove
Compare Byte memcmp
Fill Bytes memset
Search for Character memchr
String Operations
Get String Length strlen
Copy String strcpy
Copy Characters strncpy
Concatenate Strings strcat
Concatenate Strings strncat
Compare Strings strcmp
Compare Characters strncmp
Compare Strings (no case) stricmp
Compare Characters (no case) strnicmp
String Searching
Find First Occur of Char strchr
Find Last Occur of Char strrchr
Find Char from Set strpbrk
Find Char from Set (index) strcspn
Find Char Not in Set (index) strspn
Find Substring strstr
Collation Functions
Compare Strings (LC_COLLATE) strcoll
Copy String (LC_COLLATE) strxfrm
Break String into Tokens strtok
Get Error Message strerror
Low-Level IO <lowlvlio.h>
Open File open
Open File for Sharing (Windows) sopen
Close File close
Read Data from File read
Write Data to File write
Set File Position lseek
End of File Test (Windows) eof
Multibyte Characters <mbsupp.h>
Code Pages
Get Current Code Page _getmbcp
Character Operations
Get Byte Type _ismbblead
Get Byte Type From Context _mbsbtype
Get Previous Character _mbsdec
Get Next Character _mbsinc
String Operations
Get String Length _mbslen
Compare Strings _mbscmp
Compare Characters _mbsnbcmp
Compare Strings (no case) _mbsicmp
Compare Characters (no case) _mbsnbicmp
Concatenate Strings _mbscat
Concatenate Characters _mbsnbcat
Copy String _mbscpy
Copy Characters _mbsnbcpy
String Searching
Find First Occur of Char _mbschr
Find Last Occur of Char _mbsrchr
Find Char from Set _mbspbrk
Find Char from Set (index) _mbscspn
Find Char Note in Set (index) _mbsspn
Find Substring _mbsstr
Break String into Tokens _mbstok


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