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Edition Date: November 2017

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Thread.PostUIMessageEx ( eventCode, numericDataParam, stringDataParam, activeXDataParam, synchronous)


Posts a user interface message to the current user interface or sequence editor.


The messages that you can post from a step are UIMsg_ProgressPercent and UIMsg_ProgressText. These messages tell the user interface to display a progress indicator or text message for the execution.


eventCode As UIMessageCodes

[In] Specifies the type of UIMessage.

numericDataParam As Double

[In] Specifies numeric data to pass with the message. When you post a UIMsg_ProgressPercent event, this parameter specifies the percent done.

stringDataParam As String

[In] Specifies string data to pass with the message. When you post a UIMsg_ProgressText event, this parameter specifies the text to display.

activeXDataParam As IUnknown

[In] Specifies an ActiveX reference to pass with the message.

synchronous As Boolean

[In] Typically, you pass True for this parameter to direct the method to wait until the user interface processes the message. If you pass False and post messages faster than the user interface processes messages, the number of messages in the queue the user interface must handle grows unbounded and floods the user interface with messages, which causes the user interface to become unresponsive.

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