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Use the NI_TDMSReference standard data type to identify references to National Instruments Technical Data Management Streaming (.tdms) files in the TestStand ResultList local variable so you can log .tdms data in reports and in databases. Visit for more information about the .tdms file format.

The NI_TDMSReference data type includes the following subproperties. The report includes references to these subproperties only when you define values for the subproperties.

  • File—Absolute path to the .tdms file you want to log in the report or database. TestStand automatically creates a TestStand.Hyperlink attribute set to True to include a hyperlink to the file in supported versions of ATML, XML, and HTML reports. If the value of the Hyperlink attribute is False, the report displays the path as a string, not a link. You can open links to the .tdms file directly from supported versions of ATML, XML, and HTML reports and view information about the .tdms file in text reports.
  • Plugin—Name of the DataPlugin that generated the file.
  • ChannelGroup—Name of the channel group in which the data is recorded.
  • Channel—Name of the channel in which the data is recorded.

When you use the XML Packaging Utility to distribute ATML, XML, and HTML reports that include links to .tdms files, the utility also distributes the target file of the link.

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