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Edition Date: November 2017

Part Number: 370052W-01

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TestStand supports several third-party source code control (SCC) providers. Available SCC operations in TestStand are the same regardless of the third-party provider you select. Specific support or functionality for each operation varies by provider.

In some cases, you might decide to use a specific SCC provider because your company has standardized on that application. If not, you must decide which provider you want to use for managing files. Consult the SCC administrator at your company to find out if you must use a specific provider.

After you select and install an SCC provider, you must configure TestStand to work with that provider. You can configure a TestStand workspace to work with only one SCC provider at a time.

TestStand integrates with any 32-bit SCC provider that supports the Microsoft Source Code Control Interface. 64-bit TestStand supports 32-bit SCC providers only and does not support 64-bit SCC providers.

National Instruments actively tests the following third-party SCC providers with TestStand:

  • Perforce
  • Microsoft Team System
  • SVN (PushOK plugins)

National Instruments previously tested the following third-party SCC providers with TestStand:

  • IBM Rational ClearCase
  • MKS Source Integrity
  • Serena Version Manager (PVCS)
  • Microsoft Visual SourceSafe

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