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Edition Date: November 2017

Part Number: 370052W-01

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Select Breakpoint»Breakpoint Settings from the context menu for a step in the list view of a Sequence File or Execution window to launch the Breakpoint Settings dialog box.

The Breakpoint Settings dialog box contains the following options:

  • Breakpoint Set—Enable this option if the breakpoint is set. Disable this option to delete the breakpoint.
  • Breakpoint Enabled—Enable this option when the breakpoint is enabled. TestStand ignores disabled breakpoints during execution.
  • Pass Count—Specify the number of iterations, n, in which the execution skips the breakpoint before suspending execution. Execution suspends at the n+1 iteration, resumes, runs another n times before suspending again, and repeats this pattern until the execution ends.
    Note Note  Pass, in this context, does not refer to the success or failure of a step, but rather the behavior of skipping, or passing, over a breakpoint.
  • Condition—Specify the expression that must evaluate to True before suspending the execution. An empty value defaults to True. If you specify a non-zero pass count value and a conditional expression, the pass count decrements only when the expression evaluates to True.


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