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Edition Date: November 2017

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Select Combine with Step Type from the Types window context menu to combine the functionality of two step types into a single new step type. Use this feature when the sequences commonly use steps of two different step types together to perform an operation that would be more convenient to perform with a single step. For example, you can combine a step type that reads a measurement from a specialized instrument with the Numeric Limit Test step type in order to read a measurement and check limits on it in a single step.

The Combine With Step Type option creates a new step type that has all of the custom properties and substeps both step types define. If both step types define a property with the same name or if the value of an inherent step property conflicts, the Combine With Step Type option uses the property or value for the step from which you initiate the combining operation. The new step type uses the default built-in step properties and the default module settings from the first step type.

Note  The Combine With Step Type option is a step type editing tool. You must verify that the source step types do not use the same properties in conflicting ways and that the order of the substeps in the combined step type is correct for the behavior you intend.


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