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Edition Date: November 2017

Part Number: 370052W-01

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Create Operation

The Create operation contains the following options:

  • Notification Name Expression—A unique name for the Synchronization object using a literal string or an expression that evaluates to a string. You can use the name attribute of synchronization objects to perform synchronization operations between executions within a single process or between separate processes and computers.
  • Already Exists? (optional output)—The location for storing a Boolean value that indicates if the Synchronization object already exists.
  • Notification Reference Lifetime—The lifetime of the reference to the Synchronization object.
    • Same as Sequence—Releases the object reference after the sequence executes.
    • Same as Thread—Releases the object reference after the thread completes.
    • Same as Execution—Releases the object reference after the execution completes.
    • Use Object Reference—Use this option when you want to explicitly control the lifetime of the object reference or when you want to refer to the object using an object reference variable.


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