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Data Type



Specifies the exit code of a user interface.


The Application Manager control sets the value of this property based on the status of executions and uses the following exit codes to indicate the specified status:

StatusExit Code
Run-time Errorthe error code of the run-time error
Normal Exit0
Command-line Error1
Sequence Failed2
Sequence Terminated3
Sequence Aborted4
Killed Threads5

If a run-time error with a non-negative error code occurs, the exit code is -17009 (TS_Err_ConvertedErrorCode).

As a user interface developer, set the exit code of the application to this property. The development environment you use determines how you return an exit code in an application. LabVIEW does not support returning exit codes.

If you use a command line to run the user interface, you must use the start /wait command to obtain the exit code from a user interface, as follows:

start /wait TestExec -Quit -Run MainSequence SequenceFile1.seq

Use the –OutputToStdIO command-line flag to send additional status information for completed executions to standard output.

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