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Edition Date: November 2017

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ApplicationMgr.GetCaptionText ( captionSource, longName, formatExpression = "")

Return Value


The current text for the caption source you specify.


Returns the current caption text for a caption source in the Application Manager control.


captionSource As CaptionSources

[In] Specifies the type of caption source to obtain the text from.

longName As Boolean

[In] Specifies whether to return a long or short version of the caption text for certain caption sources. Refer to the CaptionSources enumeration for more information about determining when this option affects the text and for more information about the difference between the long and short versions of the text.

formatExpression As String

[In] Specifies a format expression to evaluate when generating the caption text. For the CaptionSource_MacroExpression caption source, specify a format expression that evaluates to a string value that contains macros that specify other caption sources. For all other caption sources, specify an expression that evaluates to a string value that contains the characters %1. The method replaces the %1 characters with the text from the caption source. Pass an empty string to use the default format string for the caption source.

This parameter has a default value of "".

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