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NI-VISA 15.0 Help

Edition Date: June 2015

Part Number: 370131S-01

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The following documents contain information that you may find helpful as you use this help file:

  • ANSI/IEEE Standard 488.1-1987, IEEE Standard Digital Interface for Programmable Instrumentation
  • ANSI/IEEE Standard 488.2-1992, IEEE Standard Codes, Formats, Protocols, and Common Commands
  • ANSI/IEEE Standard 1014-1987, IEEE Standard for a Versatile Backplane Bus: VMEbus
  • ANSI/IEEE Standard 1155-1992, VMEbus Extensions for Instrumentation: VXIbus
  • ANSI/ISO Standard 9899-1990, Programming Language C
  • LXI, LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation, LXI Consortium
  • NI-488.2 Function Reference Manual for Windows, National Instruments Corporation
  • NI-488.2 User Manual for Windows, National Instruments Corporation
  • NI-VXI Help, National Instruments Corporation
  • PXI Specification: PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation, National Instruments Corporation
  • VPP-1, Charter Document
  • VPP-2, System Frameworks Specification
  • VPP-3.1, Instrument Drivers Architecture and Design Specification
  • VPP-3.2, Instrument Driver Developers Specification
  • VPP-3.3, Instrument Driver Function Panel Specification
  • VPP-4.3, The VISA Library
  • VPP-4.3.2, VISA Implementation Specification for Textual Languages
  • VPP-4.3.3, VISA Implementation Specification for the G Language
  • VPP-5, VXI Component Knowledge Base Specification
  • VPP-6, Installation and Packaging Specification
  • VPP-7, Soft Front Panel Specification
  • VPP-8, VXI Module/Mainframe to Receiver Interconnection
  • VPP-9, Instrument Vendor Abbreviations
  • VXI-11, TCP/IP Instrument Protocol, VXIbus Consortium


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