Fuzzy Logic (PID and Fuzzy Logic Toolkit)

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Edition Date: June 2012

Part Number: 370401J-01

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Fuzzy logic is a method of rule-based decision making used for expert systems and process control. Fuzzy logic differs from traditional Boolean logic in that fuzzy logic allows for partial membership in a set.

Traditional Boolean logic is two-valued in the sense that a member either belongs to a set or does not. Values of one and zero represent the membership of a member to the set with one representing absolute membership and zero representing no membership. Fuzzy logic allows for partial membership, or a degree of membership, which might be any value along the continuum of zero to one.

You can think of fuzzy logic in terms of fuzzy systems, which are systems of variables associated with fuzzy logic, and fuzzy controllers, which use defined rules to control a fuzzy system based on the current values of input variables. You can use the Fuzzy Logic VIs to design and control fuzzy systems. You also can use the Fuzzy System Designer to design fuzzy systems interactively.


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