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NI-DAQmx 18.6 Help

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NI-DAQmx 18.6 Help
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This section contains general programming flowcharts that you can use when creating an application. You also can find programming flowcharts for typical applications—such as measuring temperature, measuring current, and measuring strain—in the Common Applications section of this help file.

In the programming flowcharts, many applications also include explicit control functions to start, stop, and clear the task. For instance, for applications that use your counter/timer, such as finite counter input, you need to call the Start function/VI to arm the counter. In LabVIEW, clearing occurs automatically. For other ADEs, you must include these functions in your application.

Functions and VIs produce the core functionality of the NI-DAQmx API. For instance, NI-DAQmx includes functions for timing, triggering, reading, and writing samples. However, for advanced functionality, Visual C++, Visual C#, Visual Basic .NET, and LabVIEW require properties. ANSI C and LabWindows/CVI employ the Get and Set Attribute functions. For more information, refer to the programming reference help for your ADE.

Analog Input Programming Flowcharts

Single Sample Analog Input

Finite Analog Input

Continuous Analog Input

Analog Output Programming Flowcharts

Single Sample Analog Output

Finite Analog Output

Continuous Analog Output

Digital Input Programming Flowcharts

Single Sample Digital Input

Finite Digital Input

Continuous Digital Input

Digital Output Programming Flowcharts

Single Sample Digital Output

Finite Digital Output

Continuous Digital Output

Measuring Counter Values (Counter Input) Programming Flowcharts

Single Point Counter Input

Finite Counter Input

Continuous Counter Input


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