Timing Considerations for SC Express Devices

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Edition Date: January 2019
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Sampling Rate Considerations

NI 433x devices and the NI 4340 have both a maximum and a minimum sampling rate. Refer to the specifications for your device to determine the sampling rate range.

The NI 4309, NI 4353, and NI 4357 use multiplexed sampling with multiple ADCs. The maximum sampling rate of a NI 4309, NI 4353, or NI 4357 depends on how many channels you are acquiring, and which channels you are acquiring from. Setting the AI.ADCTimingMode and AI.ADCCustomTimingMode properties/attributes for the NI 4353 or NI 4357 also affects the maximum sampling rate.

Other Timing Considerations

NI 433x devices do not support external clocking from arbitrary external signal sources such as encoders and tachometers. You can program a NI 433x device to use an external timebase only when it is a slave in multi-device synchronized system. Refer to Synchronizing X Series, M Series, and SC Express Devices for more details.

The NI 4340 supports external clocking only in hardware-timed single-point sample mode.


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