Sync Lock Lost Detection

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Edition Date: January 2019
Part Number: 370466AH-01
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Network-synchronized devices that are part of a time network are synchronized to a grand master. When the network conditions cause a chassis to lose synchronization, any task running on that chassis will error.

This can be configured in a task through the DAQmx Channel Property SyncUnlockBehavior, which defaults to StopTaskAndError, and can be disabled by setting the value to IgnoreLostSyncLock. If IgnoreLostSyncLock is configured, the task will keep running regardless of synchronization status. To query the state on a given task, the DAQmx Read or Write Property Sync.UnlockedChansExist returns whether the target is currently locked to the grand master. Sync.UnlockedChans returns the channels from the devices in an unlocked target.

Network-synchronized devices include the cDAQ-9185, 9189, FD-11603, FD-11613, FD-11614, FD-11634, FD-11637, cRIO-9040, 9041, 9042, 9043, 9045, 9046, 9047, 9048, 9049, 9053, 9054, 9056, and 9057.


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