DAQmx Device Configuration VIs and Functions

DAQmx - Data Acquisition VIs and Functions

Edition Date: January 2019

Part Number: 370469AP-01

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Owning Palette: DAQmx - Data Acquisition VIs and Functions
Installed With: NI-DAQmx

Use the DAQmx Device Configuration VIs and functions for hardware-specific configuration and control.

Palette Object Description
DAQmx Reset Device

Immediately aborts all active tasks associated with a device, disconnects any routes, and returns the device to an initialized state. Aborting a task immediately terminates the currently active operation, such as a read or a write. Aborting a task puts the task into an unstable but recoverable state. To recover the task, use DAQmx Start to restart the task or use DAQmx Stop to reset the task without starting it.

DAQmx Self-Test Device

Performs a brief test of device resources. If a failure occurs, refer to your device documentation for more information.

Subpalette Description
DAQmx Switches VIs and Functions

Use the DAQmx Switches VIs and functions to configure and control NI switch products.

DAQmx Watchdog VIs and Function

Use the DAQmx Watchdog VIs and function to configure and control the watchdog timer of a device.


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