NI PCI-6527 Supported Properties

NI-DAQmx C Reference Help

Edition Date: January 2019

Part Number: 370471AM-01

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DAQmx Buffer Properties

Input >> Buffer Size

DAQmx Channel Properties

Digital Input >> Invert Lines
Digital Input >> Number of Lines
Digital Input >> Digital Filter >> Enable
Digital Input >> Digital Filter >> Minimum Pulse Width
Digital Input >> Tristate
Digital Output >> Invert Lines
Digital Output >> Number of Lines
General Properties >> Channel Type
General Properties >> Physical Channel Name
General Properties >> Description
General Properties >> Is Global

DAQmx Physical Channel Properties

Analog Input >> Measurement Types
Analog Output >> Output Types
Digital Input >> Port Width
Digital Input >> Timing >> Sample Clock Supported
Digital Input >> Timing >> Change Detection Supported
Digital Output >> Port Width
Digital Output >> Timing >> Sample Clock Supported
Counter Input >> Measurement Types
Counter Output >> Output Types
TEDS >> ManufacturerID
TEDS >> Model Number
TEDS >> Serial Number
TEDS >> Version Number
TEDS >> Version Letter
TEDS >> BitStream
TEDS >> TemplateIDs

DAQmx Read Properties

Channels to Read
Read All Available Samples
Auto Start
OverWrite Mode
Logging >> File Path
Logging >> Mode
Logging >> TDMS >> Group Name
Logging >> TDMS >> Operation
Logging >> Pause
Logging >> Samples Per File
Logging >> File Write Size
Logging >> File Pre-allocation Size
Status >> Current Read Position
Status >> Available Samples Per Channel
Status >> Total Samples Per Channel Acquired
Status >> Advanced >> ChangeDetection >> Overflowed
Advanced >> Raw Data Width
Advanced >> Number of Channels
Advanced >> Digital Input >> Number of Booleans Per Channel
Advanced >> Wait Mode
Advanced >> Sleep Time

DAQmx Timing Properties

Sample Quantity >> Sample Mode
Sample Quantity >> Samples Per Channel
Sample Timing Type
Sample Clock >> Write Waveform >> Use Initial Waveform dt
Change Detection >> Digital Input >> Rising Edge Physical Channels
Change Detection >> Digital Input >> Falling Edge Physical Channels

DAQmx Write Properties

Relative To
Regeneration Mode
Status >> Current Write Position
Status >> Space Available in Buffer
Status >> Total Samples Per Channel Generated
Advanced >> Raw Data Width
Advanced >> Number of Channels
Advanced >> Wait Mode
Advanced >> Sleep Time
Advanced >> Digital Output >> Number of Booleans Per Channel


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