NI-DAQmx C Reference Help

Edition Date: January 2019

Part Number: 370471AM-01

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int32 DAQmxSwitchDisconnectMulti (const char connectionList[], bool32 waitForSettling);


Terminates one or more connections specified by a connection list. This function can terminate connections on multiple devices. In the event of an error, the function stops at the point in the list where the error occurred. If you set waitForSettling to TRUE, this function returns only after terminating all connections. If you want to wait for settling between disconnections, use this function multiple times to terminate connections separately.


Name Type Description
connectionList const char [] Uses a special syntax to specify the list of switch connections to terminate.
waitForSettling bool32 If TRUE, this function waits for the switches to settle before returning. If FALSE, the function returns immediately after the operation.

Return Value

Name Type Description
status int32 The error code returned by the function in the event of an error or warning. A value of 0 indicates success. A positive value indicates a warning. A negative value indicates an error.


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