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NI-DAQmx C Reference Help

Edition Date: January 2019

Part Number: 370471AM-01

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int32 DAQmxWriteCtrTimeScalar (TaskHandle taskHandle, bool32 autoStart, float64 timeout, float64 highTime, float64 lowTime, bool32 *reserved);


Writes a new pulse high time and low time to a continuous counter output task that contains a single channel.


Name Type Description
taskHandle TaskHandle The task to write the sample to.
autoStart bool32 Specifies whether or not this function automatically starts the task if you do not start it.
timeout float64 The amount of time, in seconds, to wait for this function to write all the samples. To specify an infinite wait, pass -1 (DAQmx_Val_WaitInfinitely). This function returns an error if the timeout elapses.

A value of 0 indicates to try once to write the submitted samples. If this function successfully writes all submitted samples, it does not return an error. Otherwise, the function returns a timeout error and returns the number of samples actually written.
highTime float64 The amount of time the pulse is high.
lowTime float64 The amount of time the pulse is low.
reserved bool32 * Reserved for future use. Pass NULL to this parameter.

Return Value

Name Type Description
status int32 The error code returned by the function in the event of an error or warning. A value of 0 indicates success. A positive value indicates a warning. A negative value indicates an error.


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