Generating Multiple Waveforms/Linking & Looping

NI Digital Waveform Generator/Analyzer Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 370520P-01

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The second generation mode, scripted, allows you to link and loop multiple waveforms in complex combinations.

Use the niHSDIO Configure Generation Mode VI or the niHSDIO_ConfigureGenerationMode function to switch to scripted mode.

Write all waveforms that are referenced in the script using a Write Named Waveform call, and associate the proper names to them.

After you write waveforms to your device, use the niHSDIO Write Script VI or the niHSDIO_WriteScript function to write the script(s) containing the generation instructions to be executed. Multiple scripts can exist on your device simultaneously. If you write multiple scripts to your device, select the one you wish to execute by calling the niHSDIO Configure Script To Generate VI or the niHSDIO_ConfigureScriptToGenerate function. Call initiate to execute the selected script.

Note  Internally, the script stores physical device memory locations to refer to named waveforms. Thus, write all waveforms to the device before writing the script, or the device will be unable to locate the waveform. The initiate function produces an error if this rule is violated. If you delete waveforms and rewrite them, rewrite the script to update it with the new locations, even if the script text has not changed.

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