Generating Data in Single-Waveform Mode

NI Digital Waveform Generator/Analyzer Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 370520P-01

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You can generate data in one of two generation modes: waveform or scripted. Use the niHSDIO Configure Generation Mode VI or the niHSDIO_ConfigureGenerationMode function to switch between the two modes. The default mode is waveform.

In waveform mode, call initiate to generate the waveform you specified by calling the niHSDIO Configure Waveform to Generate VI or the niHSDIO_ConfigureWaveformToGenerate function. After you generate the waveform, call the niHSDIO Configure Waveform To Generate VI or the niHSDIO_ConfigureWaveformToGenerate function again to switch to a different named waveform.

Tip  You can configure whether you want to generate a single waveform once, n times, or continuously by calling the niHSDIO Configure Generate Repeat VI or the niHSDIO_ConfigureGenerationRepeat function.


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