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Edition Date: June 2013

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ViStatus = niHSDIO_ConfigureGenerationMode ( ViSession vi, ViInt32 generationMode);


Configures whether to generate the waveform specified in NIHSDIO_ATTR_WAVEFORM_TO_GENERATE or the script specified in NIHSDIO_ATTR_SCRIPT_TO_GENERATE upon calling the niHSDIO_Initiate function.

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Name Type Description
vi ViSession Identifies your instrument session. vi was obtained from the niHSDIO_InitAcquisitionSession or niHSDIO_InitGenerationSession function.
Generation Mode ViInt32 Specifies the generation mode to configure.

Defined Values

NIHSDIO_VAL_WAVEFORM (14)—Calling niHSDIO_Initiate generates the named waveform represented by NIHSDIO_ATTR_WAVEFORM_TO_GENERATE.
NIHSDIO_VAL_SCRIPTED (15)—Calling niHSDIO_Initiate generates the script represented by NIHSDIO_ATTR_SCRIPT_TO_GENERATE.

Return Value

Name Type Description
Status ViStatus

Reports the status of this operation. To obtain a text description of the status code, call the niHSDIO_error_message function. To obtain additional information concerning the error condition, use the niHSDIO_GetError and niHSDIO_ClearError functions.

The general meaning of the status code is as follows:

Value Meaning
0 Success
Positive Values Warnings
Negative Values Errors


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