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Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 370520P-01

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Short Name: MarkerEvent.Position

Property of niHSDIO

Specifies the position of the event relative to the Sample clock. Event voltages and positions are only relevant if the destination of the event is a front panel connector. This property is valid only for generation sessions.

Sample clock rising edge (18)

The event occurs on the Sample clock rising edge.

Sample clock falling edge (19)

The event occurs on the Sample clock falling edge.

Delay from sample clock rising edge (20)

The event occurs after a delay from the Sample clock rising edge. Specify the delay using the Data Position Delay property. This option has more jitter than the rising or falling edge values. Certain devices have Sample clock frequency limitations on when you can use a custom delay. Refer to the device specifications for more information about these frequency limitations.


The following table lists the characteristics of this property.

Datatype iL
High-level VIs N/A
Channel-based No


Not Helpful