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Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 370520P-01

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C Function Prototype

ViStatus niTClk_ConfigureForHomogeneousTriggers (ViUInt32 sessionCount, ViSession sessions []);


Configures the attributes commonly required for the TClk synchronization of device sessions with homogeneous triggers in a single PXI chassis or a single PC.

Use niTClk_ConfigureForHomogeneousTriggers to configure the attributes for the reference clocks, start triggers, reference triggers, script triggers, and pause triggers.

If niTClk_ConfigureForHomogeneousTriggers cannot perform all the steps appropriate for the given sessions, it returns an error. If an error is returned, use the instrument driver functions and attributes for signal routing, along with the following NI-TClk attributes:

niTClk_ConfigureForHomogeneousTriggers affects the following clocks and triggers:

Reference Clocks

Start Triggers

Reference Triggers

Script Triggers

Pause Triggers


Name Type Description
sessionCount ViUInt32 Number of elements in the sessions array.
sessions ViSession [] sessions is an array of sessions that are being synchronized.

Return Value


Not Helpful