NI 5122/5142 Input Signal Conditioning

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Edition Date: January 2017

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The NI 5122/5142 provides two independent digitizer input channel signal conditioning paths. Each path provides you with a choice of 50 Ω input impedance or 1 MΩ input impedance, as shown in the following diagram.

The 50 Ω path is optimized for flatness, distortion, dynamic range, and noise because the active circuitry in the signal path is minimized. In some applications, this optimization is the primary consideration. High-performance communications measurements can take advantage of the large SFDR and 14-bit dynamic range of the NI 5122/5142.

The 1 MΩ path provides the traditional oscilloscope input impedance and loading characteristics for numerous general-purpose measurement applications.

Note Note  The ground on the device inputs is connected to the chassis ground.


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