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Edition Date: January 2017

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Owning Palette: Calibration

Use the NI-SCOPE External Calibration VIs to externally calibrate your digitizer. Some of these functions are device-specific; refer to the manual calibration procedure for your device for more information.

Palette Object Description
niScope Cal Start

Opens an external calibration session and produces a calibration session handle that is required by the external calibration VIs.

niScope Cal End

Closes an external calibration session.

niScope Cal Change Password

Verifies the old password against the one stored in the EEPROM.

niScope Cal Store Internal Reference

For the NI 5112, this VI allows you to store the measured internal reference voltage value.

niScope Cal Store Misc Info

Allows you to store miscellaneous information in the EEPROM. For example, you can store an operator ID for the person or company performing a calibration. The information is stored immediately.

niScope Cal Fetch Date

Returns the last self-calibration, external calibration, or manufacturer calibration date.

niScope Cal Fetch Count

Returns the number of times the digitizer has been calibrated.

niScope Cal Fetch Internal Reference

Returns the value of the internal reference that is stored with niScope Cal Store Internal Reference during external calibration.

niScope Cal Fetch Temperature

For SMC-based digitizers, this VI returns the onboard temperature of the digitizer at the time of the last self-calibration or external calibration, in degrees Celsius.

niScope Cal Fetch Misc Info

Returns the miscellaneous information you can store during an external calibration using niScope Cal Store Misc Info.

niScope Cal Adjust Internal Reference

For the NI 5911, this VI externally calibrates the internal reference. This VI uses the external reference source instead of the internal reference source to calibrate the vertical range and offset. The internal source voltage is measured, and this value is stored and used for subsequent self-calibrations.

niScope Cal Adjust Range

This VI externally calibrates the vertical range for the specified channel and vertical range setting.

niScope Cal Adjust Offset

For the NI 5102, this VI externally calibrates a specified channel and vertical range.

niScope Cal Adjust Compensation Attenuator

This VI externally calibrates the compensation attenuator.

niScope Cal Adjust Offset Range

This VI externally calibrates the vertical offset.

niScope Cal Adjust VCXO

For SMC-based devices, this VI calibrates the sample rate of the digitizer.

niScope Cal Adjust DCM

For NI 5105 digitizers, this VI calibrates the external clock digital clock managers (DCMs). DCM calibration ensures that data can be sampled at the correct time in the clock period.

niScope Cal Adjust Frequency Response

For the NI 5622, calibrates the frequency response of the device. The VI is called multiple times, one for each frequency point in the sweep. The user must supply the stimulus frequency in hertz and stimulus amplitude in volts of the input signal.

niScope Cal Adjust Accessory Gain And Offset

For the NI 5900 differential amplifier, this VI calibrates the gain and offset.

niScope Cal Set Accessory Source

For the NI 5900 differential amplifier, this VI connects the specified channel to the calibration source and sets the calibration source to +/-10 V or to GND.

niScope Cal Measure RIS Distribution

Calls niScope Read Waveform 2,000 times to take an acquisition from the specified channel and retrieve the initial X value, which includes the time-to-digital conversion.

niScope Cal Route Internal Reference

For the NI 5112, this VI routes the internal reference to the front BNC connector of the specified channel.


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