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Scan Engine Page

Installed With: RT Module

In the Project Explorer window, right-click an RT target and select Properties to display the RT Target Properties dialog box. Select Scan Engine from the Category list to display this page.

Use this page to configure NI Scan Engine settings.

Note  The settings you configure on this dialog page apply only to targets with the NI Scan Engine installed.

This page includes the following components:

  • Scan Period—Specifies the period of the NI Scan Engine. Use the pull-down menu to select the time units of the scan period.
  • Network Publishing Period (ms)—Specifies how often, in milliseconds, the target updates published values on the network. This rate should not be faster than the scan period.
  • Scan Engine Priority—Specifies the priority of the NI Scan Engine thread on the target. Select Above time critical (highest) if you do not want any other thread to interrupt the NI Scan Engine thread. Select Below time critical but above timed structures if you want VIs set to time-critical priority to interrupt the NI Scan Engine thread if necessary. The NI Scan Engine thread always runs at a higher priority than Timed Loops and Timed Sequence structures.
  • Advanced—Contains advanced options related to NI Scan Engine modes. This section is available only if the target includes an expansion I/O device.
    • Startup Mode—Specifies the NI Scan Engine mode to enter at startup.
      • Active—Specifies that the NI Scan Engine on the target enters Active mode at startup.
      • Configuration—Specifies that the NI Scan Engine on the target enters Configuration mode at startup.
    • Report automatic scan mode transitions as conflicts—Specifies whether to report a deployment conflict when an NI Scan Engine mode change is necessary to complete an action. For example, if you attempt to deploy scan engine configuration updates while in Active mode and this checkbox contains a check, LabVIEW reports a conflict to inform you that you must switch to Configuration mode to continue deployment. If this checkbox does not contain a check, LabVIEW automatically transitions the NI Scan Engine mode as necessary. In the event of a transition from Fault mode to Configuration mode, LabVIEW automatically changes the severity of all major faults to minor in the target fault list.

      Note  LabVIEW cannot transition directly from Fault mode to Active mode. Instead you must switch from Fault mode to Configuration mode and then from Configuration mode to Active mode.



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