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Version 2013 Features (Real-Time Module)

LabVIEW 2013 Real-Time Module Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 370622L-01

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Refer to the LabVIEW Real-Time Module Release and Upgrade Notes for a complete list of new features and changes, for information about upgrade and compatibility issues, and for installation instructions.

Refer to the readme_RT.html file in the labview\readme directory for last-minute updates about the Real-Time Module 2013. Refer to the National Instruments website for information about known issues with the Real-Time Module 2013.

Support for NI Linux Real-Time Targets

The Real-Time Module 2013 adds support for targets running the NI Linux Real-Time operating system. Refer to the Real-Time Module»Real-Time Operating Systems»Real-Time Module on NI Linux Real-Time Targets topic on the Contents tab in the LabVIEW Help for information about NI Linux Real-Time targets.

Enhanced Example VIs

Use the NI Example Finder, available by selecting Help»Find Examples from LabVIEW, to find new or enhanced RT examples in the Toolkits and Modules»Real-Time directory.

Performance Improvements for Advanced Format HDDs on ETS Targets

The Real-Time Module 2013 includes performance improvements for Advanced Format HDDs on ETS targets. To take advantage of these improvements, such as increased write speed, you must reformat your hard drive partition.

Ethernet Driver MSI Support

The Real-Time Module 2013 includes support for message signaled interrupt (MSI) on Intel 1000e Ethernet drivers and on Intel 8254 Ethernet drivers for Intel 8257 devices.

Networking Improvements on ETS Targets with Multiple Network Cards

The Real-Time Module 2013 adds the following features to ETS targets:

  • DHCP/AutoIP on secondary network cards
  • Support for multiple network cards on the same network subnet
  • Dynamic network reconfiguration based on network card link state
  • Extended feedback of network device status on target screens and consoles


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