Interacting with the Front Panels of RT Target VIs (Real-Time Module)

LabVIEW 2017 Real-Time Module Help

Edition Date: March 2017

Part Number: 370622R-01

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You can interact with the front panels of RT target VIs using the host computer, using the embedded UI on the RT target, or using remote front panels to access RT target VIs.

A—Host Computer

The host computer is the primary system you use to develop VIs and perform initial testing. Using the host computer, you can view and control the front panel and block diagram of a VI running on the RT target. While the host computer is connected to the RT target, it retains control of the front panel, allowing you to interact with UI elements on the front panel using input devices connected to the host computer. If the front panel requires updates to control and indicator values, the host computer updates these values with values made by the RT target.

B—Embedded UI

Many RT targets run headless, with only a basic console output display, but some RT targets support an embedded UI that provides advanced display capabilities. The embedded UI enables you to interact with the front panel of an RT target VI using devices connected directly to the RT target, eliminating the need to view the front panel through a host computer after development is complete. For example, when you enable the embedded UI on an applicable RT target, you can view the front panel of a VI on a display device connected to the RT target. Furthermore, you can control the front panel of a VI using input devices connected to the RT target if you disconnect the host computer from the RT target. In addition to these benefits, the embedded UI also provides a graphical working environment that includes a file browser and a text editor, thereby facilitating browsing and editing files on your RT target.

C—Remote Front Panels

Remote front panel connections provide a way to interact with front panels by connecting to the RT target via a web server. With remote front panel connections, you can view and control the front panel of a VI running on the RT target from remote computers. Only one user can control the front panel of a VI at any specific time, but several users at different locations can view the front panel simultaneously.

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