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Debugging PDA Applications (PDA Module)

Note  If you are using a Palm OS simulator, you must configure the simulator to use a serial port.

Enabling Debugging

You must create a build specification that enables debugging before you can debug a PDA application. Enabling debugging generates extra debugging information and can significantly increase the size of the PDA application. Palm OS Because Palm OS restricts the code size and amount of memory an application can allocate, the PDA Module might return an error when you build larger PDA applications for Palm OS devices. Depending on the complexity of the application, you might not be able to debug large PDA applications. If you are having trouble building a large PDA application, try separating the large PDA VIs into smaller subVIs. Pocket PC 2003 Pocket PC 2003 devices generally have enough memory to accommodate debugging information.

Place a checkmark in the Enable debugging checkbox in the Palm OS Build Specification Properties dialog box or the Pocket PC Build Specification Properties dialog box if you want to enable debugging when you build the PDA VI into a PDA application.

Starting a Debugging Session

After you enable debugging in the build specification, you can start a debugging session in one of three ways:

Debugging Using the Block Diagram on the Host Computer

When LabVIEW on the host computer connects to the PDA target, the PDA application runs on the PDA target. The front panel is fully functional on the PDA target. However, the front panel controls have no effect on the PDA application, and the indicators of the PDA VI do not reflect the execution of the PDA application on the PDA target.

The block diagram acts as a conduit between the PDA application running on the PDA target and the PDA VI running on the host computer, where you can probe signals, set breakpoints, and step through code as you do in any other VI. Probes you use to debug PDA applications cannot be larger than 32 KB.

Note  Palm OS Emulator You cannot use probes larger than 2 KB.

The PDA Module does not support the following debugging techniques:

Ending a Debugging Session

To end the debugging session, stop the PDA application.



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