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Provides access to the specific device-level VXI functionality available in VISA.

Namespace: NationalInstruments.VisaNS

Assembly: NationalInstruments.VisaNS (in NationalInstruments.VisaNS.dll) Version:


Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Class VxiSession _
	Inherits Session _
	Implements IMessageBasedSession, IServiceProvider, IRegisterBasedSession

public class VxiSession : Session, IMessageBasedSession, 
	IServiceProvider, IRegisterBasedSession


Use this class when you are opening a VISA session to a VXI INSTR or GPIB-VXI INSTR resource type, and you need specific device-level VXI functionality that is unavailable in RegisterBasedSession. For code interchangeability purposes, avoid instantiating this class directly. Instead, use the Open method.
Note: In the .NET interface to NI-VISA, a VISA session opens when Session or one of its subclasses is instantiated. A VISA session closes when Session or one of its subclasses is disposed by calling the Dispose method. Ensure that you call Dispose when you are finished with a session.

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All members of this type are safe for multithreaded operations.

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