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Provides access to the VXI backplane functionality available in VISA.

Namespace: NationalInstruments.VisaNS

Assembly: NationalInstruments.VisaNS (in NationalInstruments.VisaNS.dll) Version:


Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Class VxiBackplane _
	Inherits Session

public class VxiBackplane : Session


Use this class when you are opening a VISA session to a VXI BACKPLANE or GPIB-VXI BACKPLANE resource type, and you need specific functionality that accesses the VXI backplane that is unavailable in RegisterBasedSession. For code interchangeability purposes, avoid instantiating this class directly. Instead, use the Open method.
Note: In the .NET interface to NI-VISA, a VISA session opens when Session or one of its subclasses is instantiated. A VISA session closes when Session or one of its subclasses is disposed by calling the Dispose method. Ensure that you call Dispose when you are finished with a session.

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All members of this type are safe for multithreaded operations.

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