Using LabVIEW Projects with the Real-Time Module (Real-Time Module)

Use LabVIEW projects to group LabVIEW files and files not specific to LabVIEW, create build specifications, and deploy or download VIs to an RT target. When you save a project, LabVIEW creates a project file (.lvproj), which includes references to files in the project, configuration information, build information, and deployment information. You must use a project to work with an RT target and to build stand-alone applications.

Real-Time Project Wizard

You can create a new project with the Real-Time Project Wizard, available by selecting Tools»Real-Time Module»Project Wizard.

Project Explorer Window

You also can create a new project manually with the Project Explorer window. Use the Project Explorer window to create and edit LabVIEW projects. Select File»New Project to display the Project Explorer window.


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