RT Target Properties Dialog Box

Requires: Real-Time Module

In the Project Explorer window, right-click an RT target and select Properties from the shortcut menu to display this dialog box.

Use the Category list at the left side of the dialog box to access the following pages:

  • General—Sets the IP address for the RT target.
  • OS and CPU Configuration—Applies only to the generic RT target. If you plan to build an executable file based on a shipping example without connecting to an RT target, use this page to specify the OS and CPU of the RT target that will run the executable file.
  • Conditional Disable Symbols—Defines symbols to use with the Conditional Disable structure in any VI under the RT target.
  • VI Server—Configures the VI Server for the RT target.
  • Web Server—Configures the Web Server for the RT target.
  • User Access—Controls access to VIs and properties for the RT target.
  • Host Environment—Enables and controls the polling of the connection with an RT target to check for status.
  • Miscellaneous—Sets miscellaneous options for the RT target.
  • Scan Engine—Configures settings for the NI Scan Engine running on the RT target.


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