RT FIFO Functions

Owning Palette: Real-Time VIs

Requires: Real-Time Module. This topic might not match its corresponding palette in LabVIEW depending on your operating system, licensed product(s), and target.

Use the RT FIFO functions to send and receive data deterministically between VIs. RT FIFO functions provide a deterministic data transfer method that does not add jitter to a time-critical VI. An RT FIFO is a lossy form of communication that overwrites the oldest data element when the FIFO is full.


The functions on this palette can return general LabVIEW error codes or specific RT FIFO error codes.

Note  If you use a Real-Time FIFO to transfer waveform data, the variant element of the waveform does not transfer because variants are variable-sized and therefore incompatible with the Real-Time FIFO.
Palette ObjectDescription
RT FIFO CreateCreates an RT FIFO or obtains a reference to an existing RT FIFO. The RT FIFO Create function returns a reference to an RT FIFO, rt fifo, that you can use with other Real-Time FIFO functions.
RT FIFO DeleteDeletes a reference or all references to a specified RT FIFO.
RT FIFO ReadReads the oldest element in an RT FIFO.
RT FIFO WriteWrites an element to an RT FIFO.

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Refer to the RT FIFO Communication.lvproj in the labview\examples\Real-Time Module\RT Communication\RT FIFO directory for an example of using the RT FIFO Functions.


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