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Edition Date: January 2018

Part Number: 370736U-01

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Short Name: Pulse Trigger Digital Edge - Input Terminal

Property of niDCPower

Specifies the input terminal for the Pulse trigger. This property is used only when the Pulse Trigger Type property is set to Digital Edge.

Note  This property is not supported by all devices. Refer to Supported Properties by Device for information about supported devices.

You can specify any valid input terminal for this property. Valid terminals are listed in Measurement & Automation Explorer under the Device Routes tab.

Input terminals can be specified in one of two ways. If the device is named Dev1 and your terminal is PXI_Trig0, you can specify the terminal with the fully qualified terminal name, /Dev1/PXI_Trig0, or with the shortened terminal name, PXI_Trig0. The input terminal can also be a terminal from another device. For example, you can set the input terminal on Dev1 to be /Dev2/SourceCompleteEvent.

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The following table lists the characteristics of this property.

Datatype string
High-level VIs niDCPower Configure Digital Edge Pulse Trigger
Channel-based No


Not Helpful