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The NI PXI-4132 supports discrete aperture times that are based on the configured power line frequency of the device.

The following table lists valid configurable aperture times for the NI PXI-4132. If you select an aperture time that is not listed in the table, NI-DCPower coerces the value to the next highest valid aperture time.

PLCs Seconds
60 Hz 50 Hz
8 133 ms 160 ms
4 66.6 ms 80.0 ms
2 33.3 ms 40.0 ms
1 (default) 16.6 ms (default) 20.0 ms
1/2 8.33 ms 10.0 ms
1/4 4.16 ms 5.00 ms
1/8 2.08 ms 2.50 ms
1/16 1.04 ms 1.25 ms
1/32 520 µs 625 µs
1/64 260 µs 312 µs

Use the niDCPower Configure Aperture Time VI or the niDCPower_ConfigureApertureTime function to set the aperture time of the device. Use the niDCPower Configure Power Line Frequency VI or the niDCPower_ConfigurePowerLineFrequency function to set the power line frequency of a specified channel of the device.

For information about how aperture time is related to acquiring measurements and triggering on the NI PXI-4132, refer to NI PXI-4132 Measurement Configuration and Timing and NI PXI-4132 Triggers and Events.

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