NI PXI-4132 Measurement Configuration and Timing

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Edition Date: January 2018

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The NI PXI-4132 can acquire measurements automatically after a sourcing operation or when triggered.

The NI PXI-4132 uses integrating ADCs for sampling voltage and current. The NI PXI-4132 measurement circuitry operates in one of the three active states:

  • Signal conversion—During signal conversion, the NI PXI-4132 samples the input signal for the programmed aperture time of the device.
  • Zero conversion—When auto zero is enabled, the NI PXI-4132 samples a zero and uses it to compensate for internal offsets. Zero conversion usually occurs after, and has the same aperture as, the signal conversion. Refer to NI PXI-4132 Auto Zero for more information.
  • Settling time—During settling time, the analog circuitry of the device settles before the next measurement state occurs.
    Note Note  Settling time on the NI PXI-4132 is ~300 µs and is not user-programmable. If Auto-Zero is enabled, there will be settling time for the zero measurement as well as the output measurement, resulting in a ~600 µs settling time.

The following figure illustrates the sequence of these states for a one sample measurement.

You can configure measurement options such as aperture time and auto zero on the NI PXI-4132 to achieve a desired accuracy and/or speed. Expand this book for information about how to configure measurements to achieve specific results.

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