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Use Advanced Sequencing instead of Sequence Source Mode when you want more options for configuring the device per sequence step. In each advanced sequence step, you can specify the state of the NI-DCPower device by configuring a large selection of attributes or properties.

Note Note   For simpler sequencing, refer to Sequence Source Mode.

Differences between Advanced Sequencing and Sequence Source Mode

  • In an advanced sequence you can change a greater selection of properties or attributes in each advanced sequence step than you can in sequence source mode.
  • Programming a device in Advanced Sequencing mode requires you to use specific Advanced Sequencing functions that are not used in normal sequencing mode.

Refer to the NI-DCPower Advanced Sequence Changing Aperture or NI-DCPower Advanced Sequence Changing Output examples in the LabVIEW Example Finder. For an example of regular sequencing, refer to the NI-DCPower Hardware-Timed Voltage example.


Support for Advanced Sequencing

The following devices do not support this feature:

  • NI PXI-4110
  • NI PXIe-4112/4113
  • NI PXI-4130
  • NI PXI-4132
  • NI PXIe-4154

Using the niDCPower Set Sequence VI with Advanced Sequence VIs or functions in a single device session is not supported.


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