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Edition Date: January 2018

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Specific Attribute

Numeric Value Data
Access Applies to Coercion High-Level Functions
1150057 ViInt32 R/W N/A None None


Specifies when the measure unit should acquire measurements. Unless this attribute is configured to NIDCPOWER_VAL_ON_MEASURE_TRIGGER, the NIDCPOWER_ATTR_MEASURE_TRIGGER_TYPE attribute is ignored.

Refer to the Acquiring Measurements topic in the NI DC Power Supplies and SMUs Help topic for more information about how to configure your measurements.

Defined Values:

NIDCPOWER_VAL_AUTOMATICALLY_AFTER_SOURCE_COMPLETE (1025) Acquires a measurement after each Source Complete event.
NIDCPOWER_VAL_ON_DEMAND (1026) Acquires a measurement when the niDCPower_Measure function or niDCPower_MeasureMultiple function is called.
NIDCPOWER_VAL_ON_MEASURE_TRIGGER (1027) Acquires a measurement when a Measure trigger is received.

Default Value: If the NIDCPOWER_ATTR_SOURCE_MODE attribute is set to NIDCPOWER_VAL_SINGLE_POINT, the default value is NIDCPOWER_VAL_ON_DEMAND. This value supports only the niDCPower_Measure function and niDCPower_MeasureMultiple function. If the NIDCPOWER_ATTR_SOURCE_MODE attribute is set to NIDCPOWER_VAL_SEQUENCE, the default value is NIDCPOWER_VAL_AUTOMATICALLY_AFTER_SOURCE_COMPLETE. This value supports only the niDCPower_FetchMultiple function.

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