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Edition Date: June 2015

Part Number: 370858M-01

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Saves the entire data store from the DIAdem Data Portal, with their properties, to a data file.

Call DataFileSave(DataFilename, [FileExportFilter])

Input Parameters

DataFilename Specifies the name of a data file with the filename extension and the path.
String variable
Note  If you do not specify a path, DIAdem uses the NAVIGATOR user path for loading or saving.
[FileExportFilter] Specifies the storage method you use to save data from the DIAdem Data Portal to a file. If you do not specify a storage method, DIAdem saves the data with the TDM DataPlugin.
String variable

The valid values for this variable vary according to the registered DataPlugin. The following values are valid:

Value of the VariableMeaning Filename Extension
TDM DIAdem TDM files TDM
DD8x DIAdem DAT files DAT
TDMSDIAdem TDM streaming files TDMS
ATF ASAM transport format ATF
CSVComma-separated values CSV
Note  To specify the value of the FileExportFilter variable for DataPlugins, enable the Recording mode and select a file type in the Save As dialog box. In the script recorded in the script editor, you then receive the value of the variable as a parameter of the DataFileSave command.
Note  If you do not save data in the TDM format, group information or properties, for example, may be left out because some formats cannot save all information.
Note  If you save data in the CSV format, DIAdem saves only the first channel group. To save other channel groups, you must save the channel groups selectively.
Note  If you save data in the CSV format, DIAdem uses a tabulator as the separator.
Note  If you save data in TDM format, you use the FileSaveDataType variable to specify whether DIAdem specifies the data format automatically, or saves the data format as a floating point value with 64 bits. By default, DIAdem specifies the data format automatically.
Note   If you load the content of a TDM file in the "Load bulk data on modification of channel data" into the empty Data Portal and do not make any changes which influence the mass data, DIAdem will only save the header files into the same file when saving. This improves performance for TDM files with long channels. DIAdem does not support this function for TDM files which contain text channels.
Note  The page Loading Bulk Data - General contains important information on the extended loading behavior of TDM and TDMS files.


The following example saves the entire data storage of the Data Portal to the Example.tdm file:

Call DataFileSave("C:\Example.tdm","TDM")

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