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Edition Date: June 2018
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This example shows how to use a script to concatenate several channels with identical names from different channel groups. To do so the example specifies the names of the channels in the first channel group and searches for these names in all other channel groups. The search ends as soon as the channel names in a channel group are different to the names in the first channel group. In the ConcatResult channel group DIAdem joins the channels it finds to results channels.

You can specify whether the example uses time channels and where the time channels are in the channel groups. You can add an offset which consists of the total time of the previous time channels plus the first time clock or you can concatenate the time channels unchanged.

You can specify whether DIAdem inserts the value NoValue as a separation value between two concatenated channels.

You can specify whether DIAdem sorts all channels from all channel groups according to the minimum value of the channels, which correspond to the specified channel names, before concatenating the channels.

Use the Copy Parameters button to copy the current settings to the clipboard in order to use these for the automatic evaluation in the ChnConcatenation_Main.vbs script.

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ChnConcatenation_Expl.vbs Script file
ChnConcatenation_Main.vbs Script file
ChnConcatenation_Libr.vbs Script file
ChnConcatenation.sud Dialog box file
ChnConcatenation.tdr Layout file
Note  When this example starts, DIAdem loads example files and overwrites existing data and layouts.


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