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Edition Date: June 2018
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This example shows how DIAdem works with a MATLAB over the OLE interface. First DIAdem generates data, then transfers this data to MATLAB, and finally starts a Mscript in MATLAB. This Mscript calculates a FFT for the transferred values. MATLAB transfers the result data back to DIAdem. DIAdem also calculates a FFT and displays the results of both calculations DIAdem VIEW.

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MatLabTest1.vbsScript file
MatLab_FFTTest1.mMscript for MATLAB
Note  For this example MATLAB must be installed on your computer.
Note When this example starts, DIAdem loads example files and overwrites existing data and layouts.
Note  To receive CodeCompletion for ADO in the script editor, select the MATLAB library in the Registered Type Libraries dialog box.


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