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The ReportObject object provides an object for graphical display in DIAdem REPORT. The ReportObject object corresponds to one of the following objects:

2DAxisSystem 2D axis system
2DTable 2D table
3DAxisSystem 3D axis system
3DTable 3D table
Arrow Line and arrow
Circle Circle
Comment Comment
FormulaDisplay Formula graphic
Frame Free frame
Image Any graphic
PolarSystem 2D polar axis system
RTFText Text object
Text Free text

The following example displays the types and the names of all objects:

Dim oMyReportObjects, oMyReportObj, sOutput
sOutput = ""
Set oMyReportObjects = Report.ActiveSheet.Objects
For Each oMyReportObj in oMyReportObjects
    sOutput = sOutput & "Object type: " & oMyReportObj.ObjectType & vbTab & _
              "Object name: " & oMyReportObj.Name & vbCrLf
Call MsgBoxDisp(sOutput)


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