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Edition Date: June 2018
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The CurveLegendColumn object provides the properties of a column from the curve legend in DIAdem REPORT.

The following example generates a 2D axis system with a curve, displays the associated legend, and adds a column to this legend.

Dim oMy2DaxisSystem, oMy2DCurve, oMyLegendColumn
Call Report.NewLayout()
Set oMy2DaxisSystem = Report.ActiveSheet.Objects.Add(eReportObject2DAxisSystem,"My2DAxisSystem")
Set oMy2DCurve = oMy2DaxisSystem.Curves2D.Add(e2DShapeLine, "MyNewCurve")
oMy2DCurve.Shape.XChannel.Reference = "[1]/[1]"
oMy2DCurve.Shape.YChannel.Reference = "[1]/[2]"
oMy2DaxisSystem.CurveLegend.Visible = True
Set oMyLegendColumn = oMy2DaxisSystem.CurveLegend.Columns.Add()
oMyLegendColumn.Type = eLegendTextComment
Call Report.Refresh()


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