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The 2DConstantXObject object provides the value reference for the x-value of a constant or of a coordinate in 2D axis systems in DIAdem REPORT. You can specify the value of the constant as a value or as a variable reference.

The following example generates a 2D axis system with a curve and assigns two channels to this curve. Afterwards the example generates an x-constant and a y-constant:

Dim oMy2DAxisSystem, oMyCurveLine, oMyCurveConst, oMyPos, oMySettings
Call Report.NewLayout()
Set oMy2DAxisSystem = Report.ActiveSheet.Objects.Add(eReportObject2DAxisSystem, "My2DAxisSystem")
Set oMyPos = oMy2DAxisSystem.Position.ByCoordinate
oMyPos.X1 = 20
oMyPos.X2 = 80
oMyPos.Y1 = 20
oMyPos.Y2 = 80
Set oMyCurveLine = oMy2DAxisSystem.Curves2D.Add(e2DShapeLine, "MyCurve")
oMyCurveLine.Shape.XChannel.Reference = "[1]/[1]" 
oMyCurveLine.Shape.YChannel.Reference = "[1]/[2]" 
Set oMyCurveConst = oMy2DAxisSystem.Curves2D.Add(e2DShapeConstant, "MyConstant")
oMyCurveConst.Shape.XConstant.Reference = 10 
oMyCurveConst.Shape.YConstant.Reference = 20 
Set oMySettings = oMyCurveConst.Shape.Settings
Call oMySettings.Line.Color.SetPredefinedColor(eColorIndexBlue)
oMySettings.Line.Width = eLineWidth0100
Call Report.Refresh()




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