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The SubSheets object provides the collection of all table sheets of an automatically increasing 2D table in DIAdem REPORT. A 2D table is automatically increasing if you select the value e2DTableIndexModeAutomaticallyIncreasing for the IndexMode for 2DTableIndexSettings property.

The following example creates an automatically increasing table and displays the number of table columns:

Dim oMy2DTable, oMyPosition, oMyIndexSettings, oMyColumn, oMySubSheets
Call Report.NewLayout()
Set oMy2DTable = Report.ActiveSheet.Objects.Add(eReportObject2DTable,"My2DTable")
Set oMyPosition = oMy2DTable.Position.ByBorder
oMyPosition.Top = 30
oMyPosition.Bottom = 20
oMyPosition.Left = 20
oMyPosition.Right = 30
Set oMyIndexSettings = oMy2DTable.Settings.IndexSettings
oMyIndexSettings.IndexMode = e2DTableIndexModeAutomaticallyIncreasing
Set oMyColumn = oMy2DTable.Columns.Add(e2DTableColumnChannel)
oMyColumn.Channel.Reference = "[1]/[1]"
Set oMyColumn = oMy2DTable.Columns.Add(e2DTableColumnChannel)
oMyColumn.Channel.Reference = "[1]/[2]"
Set oMySubSheets = Report.ActiveSheet.SubSheets
Call oMySubSheets.Recalculate
Call MsgBox("Number of subsheets: " & oMySubSheets.Subsheet.Count)

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